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luctor et emergo

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire

It makes sense in my head.
4 August 1983
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The artist formally known as ruby_winchester

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, 1967 chevy impala, 90s alternative, a7x, acting, aidan turner, alex o'loughlin, angel, angelina jolie, animal rights, animals, anne rice, arrow, ashley/jackson, avenged sevenfold, avengers, batman, being human, boy meets world, boys, boys with accents, buffy the vampire slayer, castiel, cats, charlie hunnam, chris hemsworth, christian kane, classic rock, comedy, computers, creativity, dallas stars, damon salvatore, damon/elena, dean winchester, donnie darko, draco malfoy, eddie vedder, eric kripke, evil!sam, family, food, friends, genevieve cortese, hockey, humor, ian somerhalder, icons, impala, internet, interview with the vampire, j2, jackson rathbone, jared padalecki, jeff ament, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen's freckles, john winchester, johnny christ, johnny depp, jon stewart, jsquared, klaus, klefan, laughing till it hurts, linkin park, loling, lord of the rings, love, m shadows, makeup, metallicar, mike mccready, misha collins, moonlight, movies, music, my cats, my dog, my friends, nhl, nina dobrev, nine inch nails, padackles, pearl jam, perfume, poetry, pretty boys, pretty things, rain, rancid, randomness, rock n roll, ruby, sam winchester, sam's sexass hair, saosin, sarcasm, self injury awareness, singing, sleep, social distortion, sons of anarchy, soundgarden, southern boys, spn, stars, stefan salvatore, stephen amell, stephen colbert, stone gossard, superman, supernatural, synyster gates, tattoos, temple of the dog, ten inch hero, texan boys, the avengers, the decemberists, the metallicar, the oc, the rev, the vampire diaries, the winchesters, thor, thrice, tom felton, tom hiddleston, true blood, vampire diaries, vampires, winchester brothers, winchesters, winter, zacky vengeance