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luctor et emergo
What matters most is how well you walk through the fire
Hello All.. 
Dec 28 2015
Seb//Pouty face

My journal is friends only.
You don't have to comment to be added, but you can if you would like too

Mar 20 2009 (UTC)
I found your LJ link over at SPN.tv - I'm DeanBean :D
Aug 24 2009 (UTC)
omg omg omg let me into your supernatural loving den of... awesomeness? that made no sense.

But I have pie! (It's totally worth it) :D

Aug 24 2009 (UTC)
will do!
Aug 24 2009 (UTC)
oh and thanks for the pie!
Aug 24 2009 (UTC)
Hahah! No problem!

You wouldn't happen to have any sort of messenger, would you? No one that I currently talk to watches Supernatural. T_T It's so sad.
Aug 25 2009 (UTC)
yes i do, i never get on it though because i never have anyone to talk to lol

but if you have AIM let me know and i will get on it more. I'm usually on the internet at night, just so you know
my sn is IheartPadackles :)
Aug 25 2009 (UTC)
no :)
i was just smiling at you..;)P
Aug 25 2009 (UTC)
haha yeah! I have aim - and I'm *always* on. I don't have a life, lol!

I'm WhyAnAnything

Hope to talk to you soon!
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
Your random & that = AWESOME!

I'm adding you~♥


Edited at 2009-11-04 05:03 am (UTC)
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
aww thanks
and yay!
oh and gifs are always welcome here, especially ones of Sammy being tied up *nods*

Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
LMAO @ gifs!

You have an awesome collection :D
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
ahhh i LOVE your icon <33
and thanks i have over 1000 gifs on my computer..well on my tinypic account ahah
mostly SPN gifs though..no surprise there..

when it comes down to my obsession with gifs..most people are like:

and i'm like

just just kidding..i love everyone even if they hate my gif obsession
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
Thank you~♥
AG is a hot chick!

I like men more though XD

LOL @ the little story/gifs thing XD

I have less gifs than you :(
I think i have like 100+ :D

But i have a lot of icons that matter :P
I love saving icons from LJ :D
I make icons... but they are just not funny!
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
she is indeed, and i hear ya. But yeah i wouldn't say no to her haha :P
nothing is wrong with that, i was looking at your icons and i love them all, i love icons too. I'm just a big dork :)
ain't nothing wrong with being a dork
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
First of all... LOL @ your new default icon!
Padasomething FTW!

Neither would i! She is on my list of who would you turn lezb for XD
...yes i do have one of those lists!

Awww thank you~♥
I'm glad you liked my icons! I love LJ because of it's graphic based interface :D

You just don't get this amount of awesomeness from MyFace or TweeTube!

Oh i'm a dork at times :D But mostly i'm just a tard XD
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
lol thanks!
it's probably my favorite icon in my stash :P

oh yeah i have one of those lists too fo sure

i'm a dork all the time! I random one that talks to much :P
Nov 04 2009 (UTC)
Never got the point behind NCIS :(
Then again i never watched episode 1 XD

OMG you so have to check out White Collar!
Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3
Reason #4
Reason #5
Reason #6
Reason #7
Reason #8
Reason #9
Reason #10
Oh and if i haven't said so yet... IT"S FUCKING AWESOME!

Anyways... dang you have a plus account = crap icon space!
Might get you a LJ gift for x-mas :D

Yes i do do (LOL dodo XD) random acts of kindness, every now & then.

Well i just made a thread of sorts for that over at VD forum XD
I hope you post on it... so that i don't seem to be the only person :P
Nov 05 2009 (UTC)
i've honestly only watched like one episode of NCIS, i just think Abby is cute :X
hmm i'll have to check it out sometime :)
aww you don't have to!
Dec 18 2009 (UTC)
hi. omg I ship sam/ruby1.0 so hard so when i saw your header i nearly choked on my coffee. can i friend you?

i offer cute jared gifs :)

Dec 18 2009 (UTC)
you most definitely can! I love Ruby 1.0 and Sam together! I didn't like Ruby 2.0 and Sam together-though i did like Ruby 2.0 a bit-well i like Genevieve Cortese.

oh cute Jared gifs are ALWAYS welcome here!
Dec 18 2009 (UTC)
yay added~

ps: i didn't like ruby 2.0 either. :/ i just made a whole butthurt rant about it in my journal. i guess gen's okay. maybe i just need to see something else she's in besides supernatural.
Mar 19 2010 (UTC)
Hello there. My name's Ginevra. I saw your comment on the ontd_beinghuman favourite character thread and you mentioned your love for vampires and I thought I'd see if we have at least one interest in common which we do. I've decided to add you. Hope you add me. Just note that I don't comment all the time because I'm very busy and not well.
Mar 19 2010 (UTC)
hey, nice to meet you Ginevra, i'm Jen :)
i love love love vampires, i loved them since i was a kid. I added you, and no worries if you don't comment. I totally understand, and i love your icon.
May 19 2010 (UTC)
Just saw that you added me...added you back now :)
May 19 2010 (UTC)
thanks :)
Jun 11 2010 (UTC)
We share a love for Damon Salvatore, Supernatural and I do believe True Blood. :) Wanna friend?

That gif drives me crazy. :)
Jun 11 2010 (UTC)
yes yes we do!
most definitely, and i love your icon, such a cute doggie!
Damon/Ian gif spams are always welcome ;P
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Aug 04 2010 (UTC)
So I noticed it is the day of your birth because a ton of my friends are making posts to celebrate for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Also, they say that you are awesome - I think this means we should be friends.

I am offering you this adorable kitten in exchange for friendship.
Aug 04 2010 (UTC)
awww thank you :D
and awwww cute kitteh!
friendship accepted :)
and omg your icon
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Feb 12 2011 (UTC)
GTFO, you actually met the sexiest beast on the planet?? IN REAL LIFE?!
IS THIS REAL LIFE? I bet he is soo kick ass and sweet ! jealous for life.
Feb 12 2011 (UTC)
yes i did!
here is the entry about me meeting him :D
Mar 08 2011 (UTC)
I hope you don't mind me adding you. ♥
I saw you at ontd_tvdiaries and you have fantastic icons + taste in music.

Mar 08 2011 (UTC)
i don't mind at all!
thanks bb <3
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